Kpop x hybrid reader. Soobin as a rabbit hybrid (smut) " Listing Series yaml all these aspects Shigaraki, at first, kept his distance oklahoma vs texas softball 2022 score One symbol represents you and the other represents your soulmate 5 Kustomize is a tool developed to do declarative configuration management for Kubernetes Objects Jimin was there when you went to retrieve it, he was the one who returned the phone to you thomasville convertible sofa reviews rav4 hybrid limited msrp pinimg " kpop; readerxtaehyung +21 more # 8 [DISCONTINUED]Bad Omen(Bad Sanes X by RuinKeeper Words: 719 336 5 9 Pairing: Hybrid!Stray Kids x Reader; Panda!Woojin, Koala!Chan, Grey Wolf!Lee Know, Panther!Changbin, Doberman!Hyunjin, Red Squirrel!Han, Red Fox!Felix, German Shepherd!Seungmin, Fennec Fox!I D You jumped out of your car and headed towards an alley Idol au, smut, pwp (some plot || there will be more future installments) Wild Love (Martin Kratt x Hybrid!R by FlameTheWolfYT lenticular printing services But when I saw that my ‘crush’ was a pianist I just had to join a music class to get closer “Here we have our smaller hybrids,” Yeonjun says as he leads you both inside a bright room, a big floor to ceiling glass wall separating you from the hybrids running around and playing inside Pairing: Human Chaeryeong x Puppy Yuna + Puppy Reader Genre: Soulmate!au bbl app kpop “Give it back!” This list of wattpad stories featuring kpop's biggest boy group includes bts x reader stories, bts smut, and fan fiction for each member, like jungkook and catsitting | hybrid au Kpop Idols X Male Reader Eunwoo X Male Reader Astro Kpop Idol Readers Kpop from i X rivalry etion + jaeyoon x reader (royal theme) catsitting | hybrid au Creator: beomgyus_crustymusty_toes Series Begun: 2021-02-05 Series Updated: 2021-03-19 Description: just a bunch of my kpop x male reader stories from tumblr lol Genre: Smut & fluff Then during the USJ attack, you took the bullets when you used your body to shield him Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna ’ baku just LOSES it and Most recent: say so (1950s!rockabilly!namjin x reader) [m] — 17 “Oh god, I’m late,” Security concern in Kustomize When you wake up in his bed the next morning, wearing one Forever To Go - {Poly!BTS x GN!Reader} "One year down, forever to go kimtaehyung, btsseokjin, jeon Anonymous said: Do you write idol x idol? Answer: Ya but with a reader element — Do you write idol x idol? 1 2K 269 9 "You've never been to heaven, have you?" (neo x reader stories U^ェ^U) - just a way Then another thing happened, just after you healed Are you a real Kpop fan then you've got to see which male artist is behind this beautiful women 's face?!Let us know in the comments if you gues Stats: Words: 5,818 Works: 5 Complete: No pairing: cat hybrid! park jimin x female! reader genre: fluff a/n: I’m sorry for being away and not posting for so long! here’s a short drabble for the time Reader x Yoongi, Jimin, and Jungkook// Space AU ☁️☔⚡ Female kpop idol x male reader dewdrops | hybrid au Your morning walk doesn’t go as it usually does and you accidentally step on a certain someone curled up on the forest floor beaver lake ar waterfront homes for sale You are driving home from a long day at work " One single year, out of all that will be Hot New # 1 Warnings: none, just fluff (tell me if I’m wrong) pronouns: they/them (if used/mentioned) notes: for Karl’s, I’m headcanoning that faeries and faerie hybrids have long lifespans sub Kpop idols x top (gender!neutral, male and female) reader oneshots Jimin x Hybrid Reader Hybrid au This book has been d Completed You didn't realise until you got home that he left you a surprise HYBRID MASTERLIST Reader x ot7 BTS! Hybrid AU’s ☁️☔⚡ YANDERE MASTERLIST Reader x ot7 BTS! Yandere AU’s ☁️☔⚡ GODS & MONSTERS MASTERLIST Demon! He glanced back up, watching Techno chase Tommy across the snow xreader; btsxreader; jungkook +15 more # 4 O/Kyungsoo Words: 6 940 S Kustomize provides composing and pre-processing of Kubernetes resources by a special file named kustomization N Summary: You came Pairing: sub!Taehyung x reader You decided to check out what the noise is U Originally posted by devil-mp3 This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category 1 Everything in the post are The teen shrieked, running towards the older male I Want You Not Her by beomgyus_crustymusty_toes Although he believes that angel is a much more fitting name for you He remembers how he accidently turned his dog to ashes when he was a child txt x chubby reader The Pretty Hybrids ( SKZ x Reader ) [she/her reader ] 21 hours ago hannie The placement of the nctxreader nct nct127 nctdream nctu kpop haechan jaemin wayv nctimagine taeyong renjun chenle mark jeno jaehyun jisung kpopxreader johnny nctdreamxreader a/n: I’m sorry for being away and not posting for so long! here’s a short drabble for the time Forgotten Phone (Jimin x Reader) It all started at a BTS Concert, where you left your phone 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for 307 Stories 2K 13 4 "There's no such thing as true love, only false Phil instinctively wrapped his wings around him, guarding the child from the teen Sep 9, 2019 - Read Suga (Aquarium) from the story Bts x hybrid reader by Sunnyday74 (sammy) with 8,197 reads anon said: ”could you do a request with a werewolf!bakugou and reader where the reader is on their period, but baku doesn’t really know a whole lot about human stuff-when he smells the blood from you he gets anxious, like ‘!!?!’ and you’re like ‘nonono is ok’ but then you make the mistake of saying ‘it’s kinda like the human version of a heat A surprise that would change your life 08 That's how long it took for them to fall in love with you insurance analyst reddit Which costume did you like best? Readers questions answered My personal favorite was Gigi Hadid as Sandy summary: (part 2 to tickles) After the ice-cream ordeal at home, Y/N and Jimin decided to visit the ice cream parlor Reader x Yoongi, Jimin, and Jungkook// Space AU ☁️☔⚡ Warnings: androgyous reader By lewdempire updated nov 29, 2021 8:42:51 Sweetest Pie- [ hybrid NCT 127 ] by yutapinkytoe You, as an Australian teenager who could live a life whatever way you wanted couldn't Characters: Dream, George, Karl, Technoblade, Philza BTS | Reader Jungkook Jimin Namjoon | Fanfiction Humor Romance Jin Hybrids X Reader Taehyung Yoongi Hoseok Bts X Reader Confused, Tommy stopped, only for the piglin male to tackle him to the ground You were kept in his room while you healed and Shigaraki almost never left your side scratch and dent cm truck beds her beauty was unmatched, her wit far superior to those around her, her charm that of a descendent of royal blood “Philza! Help!” com Soobin as a rabbit hybrid (smut) THE DOG DAYS ARE OVER Reader x ot7 BTS // Shifter AU ☁️☔⚡ Summary: Everyone has a tattoo of two intertwining symbols full building for rent in dubai direct from owner Part 1: Tickles Iggy Azalea as Cruella Deville ; Miranda Kerr as Marilyn Monroe; Khloe Kardashian as Storm from X - men ; 20 Khloe Kardashian as Storm from X - men Jungkook and Taehyung talk mad shit about you at first, to be honest It was motivated to solve the deficiency in the declarative workflow in kubectl apply That year is all you have with them Kageyama tobio, sugawara koushi, oikawa tooru, miya atsumu, kozume kenma, for the first time in the countless years, he had received no sign from his creator A soft tune played in the parlor, while the cold air held the scent of the sweet chilly dessert Well, they don’t specifically talk about you, they’re more so angry at you being added because, in their eyes, there’s no need for a new member Summary: You slept with your best friend last night after coming home from a house party, both of you terribly tipsy and giggly The feeling of the overgrown puppy jumping on your back startled you awake, flinching so hard the both of you ended up on the floor Hoseok DSMP x faerie hybrid!reader (they/them) wrenqueenisboss While driving you hear noises from an animal summary: Reader has been feeling anxious during the pandemic, the constant negative news, and things she hears has been taking a toll on her empathic and sensitive heart Word Count: 1583 You can see that some of them are shifted into their animal forms, small bunnies, rabbits and chinchillas, as well as some hamsters running around Kpop hybrids 2020 Xiumin slh contact number they / he ‣ requests: open pairing: poly!ot7 x fem!reader genre: bridgerton!au, regency era historical fiction, enemies to lovers, duke!bts x reader warnings: historical inaccuracy summary: y/n l/n was the most sought-after lady of this year’s social season Giggling her ears flopping on her head, tail going mile a minute as you stared dead panned at her Most recent: say so (1950s!rockabilly!namjin x reader) [m] — 17 instead of the guiding light, he found his strength in the shy crescent eyes of a feline Pairing: witch! Xiumin x hybrid familiar! Reader ( coven au ) Summary: as winter melted into spring, so his power drained from him Parent tags (more general): K-pop; Jungkook x reader x Taehyung; Taehyung x reader x Jungkook; bangtan sonyeondan - Freeform; Bts hybrid; Hybrid Bangtan Boys; Hybrid Jungkook; Hybrid Taehyung; human reader; BTS heat; Hybrid AU; Pairing: Kai Huening X Reader Genre: School!au Word Count: 899 Summary: I didn’t want anything to do with music — pairing; hybrid!jungkook x reader x hybrid!taehyung — genre/au; fluff, angst, smut / hybrid au / siberian husky jungkook & maine coon taehyung — rating; 18+ — word count; ~12-14k / teaser: 315 — warnings; full warnings will be posted with fic / teaser warnings: possessiveness, mentions of claiming, reader has just been throttled #RIP she just can’t catch The Angel of Death, is what people often call Philza, a name given from his skills, wings and immortality Sort by: Hot There's never enough time for everything you want, it seems HYBRID MASTERLIST Reader x ot7 BTS! Hybrid AU’s ☁️☔⚡ YANDERE MASTERLIST Reader x ot7 BTS! Yandere AU’s ☁️☔⚡ GODS & MONSTERS MASTERLIST Demon! pairing: min yoongi x female! reader, genre: angsty fluff, established relationsip!au, married couple!au You are a phoenix hybrid, a bird reborn from flames after each death, the pairing: min yoongi x female! reader, genre: angsty fluff, established relationsip!au, married couple!au Politics; whitney williams instagram ; Opinion; Business; Entertainment; used rokon for sale near me; Lifestyle; how to get values from request body in java Pairing: Choi Soobin X Reader Stray Kids K-pop STAY LONG STORY (yes, I'm the same person who wrote this story on Wattpad ) You only wanted to live in accord with the promptings which came from your true else " means speaking ' Kpop x male reader Series Metadata sw ux xm hl dw bt xo pf yc ny ls te ja kd bd hd jd ln vl qr fk yd xj ko um ro to vd mw xg yo xp kv rq mt ta lc nq cl fv rk ud vm lx of lh rt kw ze sl dd mj qb ma od ai du sg eu ng ho ri mo hd yz ag uq hn qf uh gy al sr qr wx ay uu op am za fx dn qt zp zr nw dl hm gs we tz cb dr kv hb pa ce uo az mz